Lerman & Pointer

He's Been on Both Sides
That's Why He is Perfect in the Middle

With decades of trial and counseling experience, Glenn Lerman of Lerman & Pointer is uniquely positioned to mediate your specific legal issues. He takes the time to understand the legal – and emotional – aspects of your case. Then, he uses his legal expertise and insights to create the best mediation platform for everyone involved.

Because Glenn has extensive experience with all aspects of employment law, he can provide mediation services that are truly balanced and equitable. His goal is to help all parties achieve the best possible outcome. Glenn's experience and temperament makes him perfectly suited to mediate even the most complex and contentious employment cases.

Glenn is steadfastly dedicated to client service. Mediation matters are treated thoughtfully and comprehensively, and not as mere case numbers. Glenn's experience and dedication to the human side of mediation helps him diffuse and resolve even the most challenging disputes.

Glenn's diverse experience gives him a unique perspective. Contact us to learn more about mediation services and how Glenn can help resolve your disputes so that you can focus on your future. Please also visit LermanMediation.com

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